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August 11, 2018

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March 8, 2017

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March 7, 2017

Welcome to the wonderful world of Abe and Angela. Let's start with where we started. Back in 2002, Abe and Angela met while working at a movie theater in Seattle. Angela was attending The University of Washington for a BS in Technical Communications, and Abe was attending for a BA in Anthropology.


Angela painting a dodo bird at a convention.


Fast forward to 2011, and Angela started making comics. She made a new year's resolution to do a comic a month. She almost did—she missed by only one. And one of those was a full color comic, too, so she feels she made the resolution. She and Abe did some comics together, too, such as Herbert and Harrowing Tales at the Bus Stop.


Angela wanted to make a go at this comics thing. Part of their support system to start was her mom, Anita Boyle, who was a freelance graphic designer at the time (Egress Studio), now retired. So Angela would finish a comic, and they would go visit Anita and print a comic! It was a nice setup, fun but slow. Then Abe found a publication arts certificate program at a Seattle Central Community College. Combining his expertise in computers as an IT tech with his newfound printing knowledge, he quickly got a job at a print shop. And of course this was great because not only could Abe now lay out the comics but he could print them as well.


As part of his program, he learned about photography. It might have started with a vague shrug, but it blew up into a passion. He has continued learning and studying and shooting, with a focus on nature and abstract work. For a while, the pair lived a couple blocks from a tiny protected wetland in Seattle. They would often walk their dogs past, and Abe made a habit of photographing the ducks there, watching whole families grow up before his eyes.



A sea otter at the Seattle Aquarium. Yes, this has nothing to do with this blog post.


Then Angela learned of The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS). She took a summer workshop in 2013 and learned to layout the comics on her own. Giving Abe back his free time (though in truth, he enjoys this part, too). That was right before she started her natural science illustration certificate program at The University of Washington. For 9 months, she spent two nights a week with her amazing classmates studying all about the natural world and learning new art techniques.


And then she promptly got Abe to up and move to Vermont to attend CCS for an MFA in comics. Abe continued his photography work while Angela worked her fingers to the bone for her classes. Abe was hired at CCS and quickly assumed the role of managing the  print lab.He quickly became an invaluable part of the CCS team.


And now, with the skills they have gathered over the last 15 years, they are embarking on this new project, making books together and helping other people make their books.


 Tah-tah for now. Here is a dewy plant to ponder.


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